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The Dark Order

The Dark Order: (See Officer Shifts for times leaders are on)

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It is our goal to be as helpful to the others in our GUILD as possible and to one day make the name DARK SHROUD feared by those on the Velen server as all others. All members come from the Severed Hand Guild and at level 50 are accepted into the Dark Shroud, using a training and process known to us as The Way.

To achieve this we need to work together as the Horde allows and be sure to help lift others to our level. This works in several ways within The Way.

Helping players your level on teaming quests which levels you both very well and you can then complete quests you would not otherwise be able to finish.

High levels running the lower level players through instances for the money and Xp rewards for being pulled through them, this happens when a Higher level player comes on and asks if you want to go on an INSTANCE run. Take it, it is a good experience and don't get involved in the battle unless they say you should. Generally you want to just stand back and stay out of the way for this and just clean up the mess of gold and items and rake in the Experience (XP).

(whisper Nabolshia for invites) More details are explained in "The Way" linked here. The Way.

Under Level 50? See our Sister Guild, made up of the low levels that want to become part of the Dark Shroud and the Hands of Fate, Click here - The Severed hand Guild (wow) (You would message Jervin to be added to the guild and become part of the Shroud and Hands of Fates future Guild Defenders) again they follow a path of balance using The Way.

Another way to help:

  • When you hit level 30 plus and you know (by checking the Guild charter) that there are other low level players in the GUILD, you go ahead and create another toon low level that can help them in turn on runs and the like. Then your Level 30 becomes the Uber that can possibly help them out of a crunch, or lead on instance runs like those before you.
  • Start playing and Join the Severed Hand with your Alt, or recruit new players into the Guild. Stay and become a high ranking officer and help manage the Severed hand, or....
  • At level 50+ apply to join the Hands of Fate (HoF) or the Dark Shroud (DS), and become ranked as an Officer in a fun and team oriented Raid and End game Guild.
  • Enjoy protecting Horde cities from Alliance raids, invade their cities and watch them burn. Run instances and quests with high levels and hunt for rare spawns and kill em. The 80 life is about to become a whole lot better.
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  • Being an Officer:
An officer are any of those of the Dark Shroud, we are all to set examples of behavior that is fair to all ages of players. We have friends we have gamed with that are young and old, and we want them to be comfortable as well because they are good players and are fun to hang out with. Good team players, that know their craft. It is your responsibility to HELP monitor their progress.

Check their levels and rank them as merit due to increases. Demote those that have broken the rules and will not listen to reason. Take a screen shot and email it to me at

  • When you recruit someone note their public note on the guild charter about who you are and who they are. Later when the FOUNDER checks the charter, he will move the note to the officer note, and delete the public note and place "unannounced" in its place. You then would enter your recruits profession as they get them. This allows others in the guild to know who might need or be able to get certain items.

You must monitor the Guild chat to ensure that it is kept clean. Try to avoid vulgar talk and conversations in the guild chat and officer channels. Be aware of the age of people you are gaming with. Don't private message with vulgar stuff in whisper to someone if you don't know their age and who might be watching them.

  • As for parents, if you have a child that is in the guild and can not be around the occasional teen content, as (teens will be teens) and we can try to instill morals but cant catch them all- You may want to enroll them in the lower level sister guild Severed hand. You can add Jervin, who is the Guild Leader, we also know him as BloodValor of High Councilor of the Dark Shroud. He is currently writing up more information on the Severed Hand and when it is ready you will find the link here (CLICK HERE)

If you have an Alternate character under level 50, you need to report to the Severed Hand, again add Jervin, he is Guild Leader. Officers that are in Demerit will be marked with a number code in their officer note, dictating the level of penalty for a demotion.

Demotion Penaltys for infractions will be 3 Demerits in a 4 month period.

Any one violation of laws written can result in 1 Demerit.

Level, Quest, Party Quest, Run instances, Run PVP for DOH, Do Battlegrounds, Spec up, Help Guildies, team up, run raids, work as a team, hit your levels, show honor~

  • The last stand:
It will be important to us in the future to know the whereabouts of the Alliance enemy and we have formed a group for this on the alliance side called the DARK RAVEN. They are rogue dwarfs to the alliance and when the day comes where we begin raids on Velen they will be used to spy on the locations of the alliance defense. They will communicate to us through the Vent server (see guild info in game for details) giving us detailed information on the alliance before invasions. They will also be assisting in flags in the PVP instances, read here for more.

PVP inside tips by Bloodvalor:
Have Battleground addiction? Love to Defend Horde cities? Can't get enough? Don't know your rewards and how they are taken care of? Some inside tips from our PVP pro, High Councilor BloodValor of the Dark Shroud, and Dark Lord Jervin of the Severed Hand, fills you in. For more on this, (CLICK HERE). Or read more about The Way, and the Book of Arcanum.

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Nabolshia Dark lotus (NDL)
Founder of the original SVHG
The Dark Shroud

SVHG! For the Dark Shroud! For the Horde!

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